ImageMy name is Megan.  Meg for short.  And if that picture up there were real life…or even a metaphor for it…I’d be the person on the back of the dinosaur.  No, not the one speaking the quote.  The one everyone’s yelling at.

I am a student of history.  I am NOT a historian — the best I could call myself is a “neophyte historian.”  I love history of all kinds, but until I write my thesis and get my M.A., I have too much respect for the real scholars to lay claim to the title of “historian.”

As a lover of history, I am quite the fan of historical pop culture.  Movies, TV shows, historical fiction books — you name it, I love it.  But my favorite quote is “History is more fascinating and amazing than any made-up fiction.”  So I…really like it when the director/author/etc. gets it right

And when they get it wrong (as they so frequently do), I — like the asshole on the back of the dinosaur — the first person to scream out “THAT’S INACCURATE.  THAT’S WRONG.  OH MY GOD DID THEY DO NO RESEARCH WHATSOEVER?”

I don’t know if my friends think I’m hilarious, or if they hate me.  Could be both.

I spent the last few months bitching about all pop culture historical inaccuracies, until my friend Jess — author of Horror Films Galore — gave me the idea to do a blog of historical inaccuracies in popular culture.  Some place where I can rant and rave to my hearts content.  This way, also, my friends can shut me off if they want to (this fact has not eluded me).

So here we go.  Welcome to Historical Anachronism.  First “real” entry forthcoming